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“Shooting with Julia isn’t like shooting with any photographer, it’s like you’re shooting with your best friend! And who wouldn’t want an experience like that?! She is committed to making sure your photos are everything you could ever want, down to the smallest detail. she will be your greatest hype woman and I've never felt more beautiful. Julia is a photographer for life, and I am so happy I had the chance to work with her ”


-Emelia (St. Mary's Academy)



My name is Julia and thanks for stopping by! I'm psyched to be your photographer and can’t wait for our shoot! I'll do my best to make this sound less like a dating profile and more like a get to know me. I'm a proud Oregonian and love exploring the Pacific Northwest. I'm a current student at Gonzaga University (Go Zags!) and I am *this* close to graduating. After graduation I will be traveling around Europe and documenting my experience. Besides being an avid traveler, I'm also an avid movie watcher. I keep a chronological list of all the movies I've watched during the year, but please don't ask me what my favorite is. I'm also a HUGE fan of the show Survivor and I am always ready to discuss the latest blindside. I plan on applying once I'm done with school. My happy place is anywhere with colorful flowers, warm autumn trees, or Trader Joes/Costco. 


My passion for senior photography began in high school when I decided to mess around with the family camera. Since then I've watched my humble little side gig become my passion for life. I'm always looking for new ways to expand my skills and push myself to become better through practice. I started off as a senior photographer and I recently expanded into wedding photography; I even shot the wedding of one of my first seniors! Trust me when I say I will be your photographer for life. My mission is to capture your most authentic self and to make sure your gallery speaks to you. Your senior gallery should be something you and your family look back on and smile. I am honored that you want me to be a part of your senior photo experience. 


Let me capture your moment. Send me a message and let's get to work! look forward to meeting you :)

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